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Getting Started with Sales
October 28, 2014

Earlier today someone on a LinkedIn group I am a part of posted a question on how to get started with sales. While this blog generally focuses on marketing and business tips for healthcare professionals,

SEO is one of those acronyms that instills confusion into the hearts of the uninformed. This fear could lead to a variety of costly circumstances, however, here are some tips to alleviate some potential stresses: 1) Find the Right SEO Firm 2) Take Advantage of Free SEO Tools 3) Content is King Stop running around […]

All healthcare clinics are concerned about getting on the first-page of Google. Let’s look at one of the most cost-effective and timely ways to boost your Google rankings online. History of Google Adwords Everybody loves a good origins story. Google blessed us with the convenience and cost-effectiveness of their Adwords development in the beginning of […]