Our Thoughts on Marketing in a Digital Era

When speaking with dentists and doctors that want to improve their reputation online, I kept hearing the same question: “How do I respond to the negative reviews?” Now before sharing some scenarios and possible responses, you should know that it’s pretty much impossible to please everybody. The practice will eventually get a negative review. If you […]

Rock Health is quite possibly the most well-known digital health venture fund. They’ve made investments in popular startups like Doctor on Demand, Aptible, and Omada to name a few. Earlier this year, they published a long report that outlines how trends in technology are shaping how consumers interact with healthcare services. In this post, I’ve […]

SEO is one of those acronyms that instills confusion into the hearts of the uninformed. This fear could lead to a variety of costly circumstances, however, here are some tips to alleviate some potential stresses: 1) Find the Right SEO Firm 2) Take Advantage of Free SEO Tools 3) Content is King Stop running around […]

All healthcare clinics are concerned about getting on the first-page of Google. Let’s look at one of the most cost-effective and timely ways to boost your Google rankings online. History of Google Adwords Everybody loves a good origins story. Google blessed us with the convenience and cost-effectiveness of their Adwords development in the beginning of […]

What is A/B Testing? A/B testing is a marketing technique that is comprised of two versions of a website (A and B) with the primary purpose being to determine which website has a more impactful user experience. This information is important because it tells the tester which changes they should make to maximize the attention […]

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